These classes are based on curricula developed by the League of American Bicyclists. The classes that are offered through the Palo Alto Recreation Department are co-sponsored by the Palo Alto PTA Council. I also give classes by private arrangement to families, school groups or youth organizations. For information on other classes and resources, and for details of the curriculum, see this page. For more information, contact me using the information at the bottom of the page.

Kids I
Bringing up Bicyclists

Learn how to teach your children to become safe and responsible bicyclists

This class is for parents or guardians of children up to age 10. This course discusses:

  •  the differences between children and adults when cycling,

  •  the basic requirements for parents to help their children ride safely

  •  the mistakes children make when bicycling

  •  the basic skills that need to be taught

  •  how to evaluate a child's skills and encourage proper development

The presentations also cover helmet selection and fit, bicycle selection and fit, and include viewing of the video “A Kid’s Eye View”. This class is taught in a classroom setting, and there is no actual bike riding. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bike helmet for the helmet-fitting session.

Class schedule:

  •  School PTA events

    • None scheduled at this time

Here is a pdf flyer about these classes in general (i.e. no specific dates or locations)


  •  I can also arrange to give this class to any group of interested parents.
    The class size should be between 10 and 50, with a room and projector screen provided. Cost is $150, discounts available for special cases.

Bike Rodeo for children up to age 10

This event is held on school blacktop or in an empty parking lot. The students ride their bikes on specially-constructed courses, each of which emphasizes a particular skill. I give these events only by special request, and the requester is responsible for providing the location, the materials and a group of adults to provide assistance. This rodeo is the program used in third grade in Palo Alto public schools. The course diagrams and descriptions can be found at:

Cost depends on the amount of time required for planning, preparation, the event itself and clean-up. Use $75 per hour as a planning guide, with 1-2 hours for the event itself, depending on the number of students.

This should be considered an event that I help the school to organize, rather than something that I do myself. The number of volunteers required is beyond my ability to supply.

I helped Oak Knoll school in Menlo Park put on a rodeo in the fall of 2006, and they were able to do it themselves the next year.

I helped White Oak Elementary School in San Carlos to put on a rodeo in September, 2007. They should be able to do it without my assistance in the future.

Kids II
Middle School Bike Skills

This class is for children ages 10-14 with a parent or guardian. The emphasis is on interacting safely with traffic. The classes cover:

  •  the basics of traffic law

  •  basic bike and helmet fitting

  •  the most common types of bike crashes and how to avoid them

  •  how to position yourself properly on the road

  •  how to let drivers know your intentions

  •  how to deal with left turns and 4-way stops

The course begins with a classroom-style discussion, then moves to skills practice in a blacktop area, and finishes with a ride around the neighborhood with immediate feedback about safe riding practices. Total time is 3-4 hours. One parent or guardian must register and attend from each family. Everyone should bring a bike and helmet.

Here is a Palo Alto Weekly article on these classes, published June 21, 2006.

Class schedule:

  •  Palo Alto Recreation Department ENJOY catalog

Unfortunately the classes are not being offered at this time.

Cost is $27 per person for Palo Alto residents, $31 per person for non-residents. Total for one child and one adult is $54/$62

This class will be given at the Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto. Here is a link to a Google map to Cubberley, and here is a map of rooms at the Center.

To register by FAX or mail , use the ENJOY catalog.
Forms and online registration are available at
To check availability, go to, select Activities, and search for the class number or do an advanced search on the keyword bike. Then click on a class to see if there are any spaces left.

Here is a pdf flyer about these classes in general, with no specific dates

  •  I no longer give private lessons except under circumstances of extreme hardship. If you think you can talk me into giving one, give me a phone call or send me an email (see the  bottom of the page).

Drive That Bike
Group Presentation for Students ages 10-14

This presentation is suitable for an assembly of 20-120 students. It was developed in conjunction with Traffic Safe Communities Network and Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and has been presented in local middle schools and at Boy Scout meetings. The format is that of a game show:

  •  The audience is divided into several teams which compete by answering questions

  •  Each question has four possible answers which are projected on the screen

  •  Teams have 30 seconds to confer and select an answer for the team

  •  After the team's answers have been recorded and the correct answer has been revealed, I     explain why that answer is correct, using diagrams, photos and short video clips

  •  The questions cover basic bike safety and can also include some on pedestrian safety

The game takes about an hour, and can be followed by helmet-fitting if the group is not too large and if the students have  brought their helmets. Facility requirements are a room large enough for the group, chairs, and a projection screen. A PA system is a welcome addition for very large groups. Prizes for the winners are the responsibility of the organizing group.

An on-bike skills practice session in a parking lot is a valuable addition to the game show. It requires adequate space (school blacktop or empty parking lot), several volunteers, and an hour or so of preparation to lay out the courses and train the volunteers, in addition to the time for the students to master the courses. More details can be provided upon request.


For more information, send email to , or call Rich Swent at (650) 493-7979